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Cooking Class Waiver


Liability: Participation in Elev8 Your Plates Cooking Class will involve the use of cooking equipment and tools in a busy teaching kitchen environment. Like all cooking activities, certain risks and dangers arise, not all of which can be described herein, but may include, without limitation, cuts, scrapes, scratches, puncture wounds, thermal burns, scalds, injuries from using cooking equipment and instruments, eye injuries or irritation, skin irritations, allergic reactions, food poisoning, slips, falls, and choking.  I have read the aforementioned risks and I am familiar with the nature of the classes and activities involved in the cooking classes.  It is understood and expressly agreed to by the parent/legal guardian, to release, indemnify and hold harmless Elev8 Your Plate and its Owners or agents, from any and all liability of any kind for any damage and/or injury incurred in connection with the student’s attendance in the class.

Waiver: It is understood that as the parent/legal guardian, you accept the risks inherent in the cooking and eating of food that has been prepared during class. 

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